San Diego Sail and Power Squadron

South Bay Family Sailing Series-December 18, 2021, Saturday, (7.4 nm)

Sorry for the late publication of the race results. I try to publish the results within the week following the race. However, I could not open up the Mike Collins Handicap System.  I was told Google was changing servers and that was the reason the program was not accessible. So, finally here it is:

The third Saturday of the month, our race day December 18, 2021, was a prodigious day for sailing.  This was the holiday season so we were not expecting our average number of boats as everyone would be out shopping.  The winter winds had been light again leading up to the weekend race. Wind predictions were for 4-6 knots from the NNW, approximately 300*-310*. The projected course had two downwind legs, so this might be a spinnaker run. With the projected light wind, the smaller boats might have an advantage.  The tide would be low at 3 PM so the current would be ebbing the whole race.

Circling the starting line were 10 boats. There were 3 new boats present, Pau Hana with Todd Borjesson, Aragorn with Mike and Anne Peters and Osprey with Mike Philbrook and his scouts.

WELCOME new boats.  We hope to see you out every month.

With the noon horn the first group crossed the line consisting of BlewByU, Fast Sunday, Pau Hanna, Aragorn and Miller Time III.  Three minutes later the second group crossed consisting of Simplicity and Bon Temps.  Finally. six minutes after the first group the third group crossed the starting line consisting of Osprey, Marilee, and Consigliere.

At the first mark BlewByU was first to round followed by Consigliere and Fast Sunday.  By the second mark Consigliere rounded first followed by BlewByU and Bon Temps. From the second mark to the third mark was the first of two downwind legs.  Miller Time III, Bon Temps raised their spinnakers trying to follow previous examples of spinnaker flying by Estate Sail, Ran and Elusive.  Another upwind leg, downwind leg, reach and the final downwind leg showed the across the line finishers are: Consigliere 13:50:54, Osprey 13:51:28, BlewByU 13:53:00, Bon Temps 14:00:23, Marilee 14:00:32, Miller Time III 14:09:47, Fast Sunday 14:13:34, Simplicity 14:14:30, Aragorn 14:25:34, Pau Hana 14:29:00.


Putting all this information into the Mike Collins Handicap System we end up with the following:

Osprey, BlewByU, Aragorn, Pau Hana, Fast Sunday, Consigliere, Simplicity, Miller Time III, Marilee, Bon Temps

Putting all this information into the PHRF Handicapping System we get the following:

BlewByU, Consigliere, Osprey, Bon Temps, Marilee, Fast Sunday, Simplicity, Aragorn, Miller Time III, Pau Hana.

8 of 10 racers ran their raceQs.  Go watch the race on South Bay Family Sailing Series December 18 race on the Smart Phone App: raceQs.  Next race can we get 10 out of 10?

Our next race will be Saturday, January 15, 2022. It will be the first race of the new year.

We hope to see you all there.

NOTE:  We are going to try and have the 2021 Awards Ceremony at Pier 32 Marina after the race. More information later.  Who will win the Trophies?  Who will win the prizes? 

San Diego Sail and Power Squadron