San Diego Sail and Power Squadron


Commander:  Cdr Gerald “Jerry” S. Murphy, P


Executive Officer: Carl Schwartz, AP

Public Relations:  P/C Bob Gibbs, JN-IN –
Vessel Safety Checks:  P/C Bob Gibbs, JN-IN –
Marketing: Scott Hinkle, P

Administrative Officer:  Lt/C Alice Kulikowski –

Membership Chair:  P/C Paula Vance, P –

Education Officer:  P/C Bob Gibbs, JN-IN

Asst. Education Officer:   OPEN

Secretary:  Lt/C Paula Vance, P.

Information Technology: Allan Bombard
Newsletter:  D/C Allan Bombard, SN-CN:
Public Contact: Scott Hinkle, P:
Roster Contact:
P/C Paula Vance, P:
Ship’s Store: Lt/C Debbie Lenart,
Webmaster & IT Support: 
Allan Bombard
Sea Scount Liaison: Mike Philbrook, P –

Treasurer:  Lt/C Debbie Lenart, S

Members at Large:

D/C Allan Bombard, SN-CN
P/C Shaun McArdle, AP
P/C Carole Hallock, AP
Luis Sepulveda,S



Rules Committee: 

    • P/D/C Richard T. Cross, SN-ACN
    • P/C Steven Bakalis, SN

Nominating Committee:

    • P/C Bob Gibbs, JN-IN(Chair)
    • D/C Allan Bombard, SN-CN
    • P/C Carole Hallock, AP
    • P/D/C Richard Cross, SN-ACN

Merit Mark Committee: 

    • P/C Carol Hallock, AP
    • P/C Paula Vance, P


    • Open

Finance Committee 

    • P/C Carole Hallock, AP 
    • D/C  Allan Bombard, SN-CN

SWYC Liason Officer:  

    • D/C Allan Bombard, SN-CN
    • P/C Carole Hallock, AP

Sail Fleet:

    • Dan Dreesen,P 

Boat Shows & Public Shows:

    • Alice Kulikowski
San Diego Sail and Power Squadron