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South Bay Family Sailing Series-November 20, 2021 Saturday, (7.4 nm)

The third Saturday of November, November 20, 2021 was an excellent day to go sailing.  If you were not out on the water you really missed a wonderful day.  The winds had been light and fog was in the area a few days before the race.  Everyone was expecting light winds and wondering if we could even have a race.  The professional weather predictors predicted light winds of 5-8 knots.  As it turned out we had light winds out of the NW at 7-11 knots that were constant throughout the race.  On the Beaufort scale this is Beaufort Force 2-3. These conditions probably favored the smaller boats.  The fog had lifted and there were slightly blue skies with 50% high thin cloud covering.  There was a high tide of 6.6 ft. at 1000, so the tidal flow would out going during the whole race.

An update on the racing boats: Mike Collins (one of the originators of the South Bay Family Sailing Series handicap system) sold his boat Marilee to Dan Dreesen.  Dan is happy, however, we all are going to miss his boat, Quack Attack on the race course.  Astra is being sold, so Mike Philbrook and his scouts will have a new boat on the race course next month.  Everyone is hoping it is NOT as fast as Astra.

8 boats were circling the starting line for the noon horn.  The first group consisting of Fast Sunday, Miller Time III and BlewByU were off at the first horn.  This was a pursuit race so the starting line would not be crowded.  The second group was across the starting line at 12:05 and consisted of Simplicity, Estate Sail and Bon Temps.  Finally, at 12:10 the third group of Marilee and Astra began the race. At the first mark BlewByU was in the lead, followed by Miller Time III, Bon Temps, Simplicity, and Estate Sail.  The Marilee and Astra were close behind.   Miller Time III put up their spinnaker and everyone thought the race was over.  All were worried Estate Sail would fly their spinnaker as well.  However, by the second mark Miller Time III was slightly behind Simplicity and Estate Sail did not fly their spinnaker.  By the third mark, Bon Temps had taken over the lead.

The across the line finish times were:  Bon Temps 13:35:10, BlewByU, 13:37:40, Marilee 13:39:11, Simplicity 13:40:00, Astra 13:40:10, Estate Sail 13:41:37, Miller Time III 13:44:17, Fast Sunday 13:54:13.  WOW within 19 minutes 8 boats crossed the finish line.  Every boat was within close proximity to the finish line.  This is how we want all races to finish.

Putting all this information into the Mike Collins Handicap System we have the following:

Congratulations Simplicity, BlewByU, and Miller Time III

Which boats are in position for a TROPHY at the end of the year?

Putting all these numbers into the PHRF rating system reveal: BlewByU, Simplicity, Marilee, Astra, tie for 5th  Estate Sail, Bon Temps, Miller Time III, 6th Fast Sunday.

Congratulations all racers.

Next race:  Saturday, December 18, 2021

We hope to see you all there for the final race of the year.



San Diego Sail and Power Squadron