Virtual Trainer coming soon … May 14th

Virtual On-the-Water Training

Our Boating Skills Virtual Trainer allows participants to boost their boating skills and confidence in a safe environment. Using the virtual trainer, students maneuver a Boston Whaler on a 3.5-by-4-mile lake. The best part is there are no other boats, no water and no risks.

Instructors can increase the difficulty of exercises by adjusting the strength and direction of wind and current, allowing students to practice maneuvers in varying conditions. Exercises include leaving the dock, pivot turns, mooring, docking, emergency stop, crew overboard, trailering, navigating the boat ramp and more. Our Boating Skills Virtual Trainer makes learning to boat a year-round activity.


Virtual Trainer

Our squadron has an excellent opportunity during Safe Boating week to reach out and engage with San Diego boaters. On May 14-16 the Power Squadron Virtual Trainer will be in our local West Marine in Point Loma, and we’re looking for volunteers to staff the trainer and demonstrate it to West Marine customers. Please go to this link to sign up for a two hours slot to staff the trainer.
West Marine will be launching an advertising campaign that will include a sign-up for this event for their customers. Half hour sessions will be available by sign-up only, and this is our opportunity to show them the trainer, and discuss what America’s Boating Club is about.
Again, the sign up link is HERE.

Doug Bass, SN, IN-CN
Administrative Officer District 28

May ZOOM webinars

Our ongoing popular online webinar ZOOM classes have four more exciting relevant topics for May.

Come and learn more! Do a refresher! Tell a friend!

It’s free -every Wednesday evening at 6pm online.

Copy and paste the link into your browser to register and then you will receive the ZOOM link.

Zoom Webinars are back

Our popular series of online ZOOM webinars have been very successful and we are glad to offer four more live webinars in April. These webinars are not recorded so make sure to attend. Starting Wednesday April 7, 2021   from 18:00 – 19:00. For more information see the flyer on our “Courses” page.


To register, go to or follow the link below

April 7, 2021 Radar

Don’t get lost in the fog. Learn how RADAR works, how to use it effectively, and its limitations as a piloting aid.







April 14, 2021 Tides and Currents

Discover what causes the tides to rise and fall and what causes the currents to flow. Learn where to find sources of information about tides and tidal currents, simple ways to predict them. 



April 21, 2021 Docking and Maneuvers

Prepare yourself for practicing docking and slow speed maneuvers in order to increase your confidence in close quarters.



April 28, 2021 Man Overboard

Discover how to equip and maneuver your boat to retrieve someone in the water. Essential for all boaters, this seminar teaches you what to do if you fall overboard, as well as how to retrieve someone else. 



Sail Course

This course on sailing is appropriate for novices to experts, as it covers boat design and sail theory, as well as the basics of using the wind to move a vessel across the water.

 Date :     Thursdays, starting April 22,  6 pm – 8 pm, duration 8 weeks

Place :    ZOOM

Cost :      $50 members/ $75 non members

Please click here to Register and Pay online

Live Online Training Seminars

Our January series of online webinars was a great SUCCESSS! We are excited to announce another new series of online seminars for February 2021 presented free of cost to our members and the public. Learn more from the comfort of your home on any device (desktop/laptop/tablet/smart phone). Use ZOOM to connect 10 minutes in advance to ensure you get connected. Course details and ZOOM links on our Course Page. See you there!

Online Training Seminars

New seminars for January 2021 presented free of cost to our members and the public. Learn more from the comfort of your home on any device (desktop/laptop/tablet/smart phone). Use ZOOM to connect 5 minutes in advance to ensure you get connected. Course details and ZOOM links on our Course Page. See you there!


I have touched on the subject before, but I feel like it is time to revisit what I previously referred to as resilience: the ability to accept and adapt to changing circumstances. Although commonly associated with Alcoholics Anonymous, the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change those that we can, and the wisdom to know the difference are just darn good life skills to have. And right now, there is little we can do besides be patient, keep up with best practices, even though they change, and look to building our relationships in new ways. On that last note, are you picking up the phone more than usual to reach out to friends and family? (Don’t look at me, I may not technically be a millennial, but the only person I talk to regularly on the phone is my mother. Everyone else gets email or text) Have you learned the ins and outs of video conferencing as a means of getting a larger group together? And, call me old fashioned, but when was the last time you mailed off a hand written note? Many people still get excited about getting personal mail. Take the time to write something out for your loved ones. Check with a nursing home to see if they have anyone looking for a pen pal. Do something to cheer up your neighbors. Don’t wait for Halloween to put fun decorations in your yard. For some reason, the gate near our condo is extraordinarily popular, so we put up a dragon on our fence to entertain our many passers by. If you have any costumes sitting around the house, put one on the next time you go for a walk. Put decorations on your bike or helmet before your next trip out. Use magnets or flags to decorate your car to cheer those who see it. Be the cheer you wish were in the world. I will be back tomorrow with other tactics for thriving in these trying times. Keep safe, keep learning Tanya Weimer SEO