South Bay Family Sailing Series – Sailing Instructions: May 21, 2022

(Relaxing/No stress/Sail Racing)                            

When:   May 21, 2022
Where:  San Diego South Bay
Time:   12:00pm Local GPS Time Race



    • Start race Q’s 11:45
    • First Warning 11:55-One second blast of the air horn coordinated with GPS time.
    • Group A. –Start 12:00 One second blast of the air horn.
    • Group B.-Start 12:06 One second blast of the air horn.
    • Group C.-Start 12:12. One second blast of the air horn.

It will be a “Pursuit Race

    • Group A: Blew-By-U, Kiss, Fast Sunday, Tom Kat, Pie in the Sky, Miller Time III, Pau Hana, Aragon.
    • Group B: Simplicity, Atsa II, Sanctuary, Bon Temps, Estate Sail
    • Group C:  Tiny Bubbles, Elusive, Ran, Osprey, Consigliere, Marilee Madison 3, Serendipity III
    • If you are not listed above, or are a first-time racer please start at 12 O’clock

Please download and use the RaceQ’s application so you can track the fleet and replay the race.

 Racecourse #4 REVERSE

    • Buoy “R34” to port / Buoy “WR-32A” to starboard (staring line)
    • Buoy “B” to Port
    • Buoy “C” to Port
    • Buoy “R30” to Port
    • Buoy “B” to Starboard
    • Buoy “R26” to Port
    • Buoy “A” to Starboard
    • Buoy “R34” to starboard / Buoy “WR-32A” to port (finish line)

Course Distance 8.6nm

Please Monitor VHF Channel 68 for information, to report problems on the course. Report finish times to Ted Bowler or 619-334-7150 before end of day Sunday 5-22-22.

Yellow “Q” flag should be flown aft, where it can be best seen while racing.

  • “A” (N32 40.465 / W117 08.737) 24inch XL Yellow fender marked “A” in Black Letters.
  • “B” (N32 39.177 / W117 08.575) 30inch White Ball marked with Letter “B” in Black Letters
  • “C” (N32 38.542 / W117 08.195) 22inch Ball marked with the Letter “C” in black letters 

 Reference Navigation Charts for Location of the channel marks used for this race.