San Diego Sail and Power Squadron

Sober Boating

It’s Tuesday and the National Safe Boating Council has designated today as Sober Boating awareness day.

It is pretty well known that you shouldn’t drink and drive, even on the water. However, it is also more dangerous for your passengers to drink and ride. Unstable people with lowered inhibitions are more likely to fall overboard…or just plain fall, which can still result in injury. For a lot of people, sober boating goes against everything they think of when they think of boats, but that is why yacht clubs, and many marinas, have bars. Save your drinking for when you dock. Enjoy your cruise, break out the bubbly after you tie up!

And enjoy those Norwegian sober boating videos I shared yesterday under the guise of lifejacket awareness 🙂

Stay safe, keep learning, boat sober,
Tanya Weimer

San Diego Sail and Power Squadron