San Diego Sail and Power Squadron

Sail Fleet Race – May 18, 2019

SDSPS Sail Fleet/South Bay Family Sailing
Series/Ventura Sailing Club- May 18, 2019, Saturday

Saturday May 18, 2019 was a fine day for sailing. There were 9, or 10 boats circling the
starting line for the 12:00 start. I am not sure if I have the times, or names for all the
boats. If you do not see your name and time contact me and we will
correct the results. As usual we had a pursuit race with starting horns at 12:00, 12:03 and 12:06. With the first horn there were only light winds. By about 15 minutes into the race the wind was blowing a constant 14 knots. All the boats were flying along with NO reefs in any sails with everyone doing hull speed. The boats at the starting line are as follows:

Astra, Consigliare, Marilee, BonTemps, Atsa II, Bibbity Bobbity Boat, Mal Pais, Pie in the Sky and Miller Time III.

Welcome back out on the race course Mal Pais. We have all missed you over the past
few months. Pie in the Sky was looking really good at the starting but did not finish the
race. The race committee understands there is some contention at various marks along the race course. This is the “Family Sailing Series”. It is intended for beginning sailors. If you are yelling and shouting at other boats not following the sailing rules you belong in another race. Try the Rum Series, or the Beer Can Series in the North San Diego Bay.

San Diego Sail and Power Squadron