San Diego Sail and Power Squadron

Sail Fleet Race – Jan 19, 2019

SDSPS Sail Fleet/South Bay Family Sailing
Series/Ventura Sailing Club-January 19, 2019, Saturday

Saturday, January 19, 2019 was the best day for sailing we have seen for many months.
It rained on the Wednesday before the race. Social media was abuzz with discussions
about which boats were going to be out on the water for the Saturday race. If you missed out “shame on you”, you missed a fantastic day. The skies were clear blue, no clouds on the horizon and the wind was coming up at 1130 to 4 and 5 knots.
Eleven boats were circling the starting line for the noon horn. The race was going to be
a “Pursuit Race” since there are so many boats sailing. On the water were familiar boats Fast Sunday, Simplicity, Pie in the Sky, Phryxus, Marilee, Gunslinger,
Bon Temps, Astra, and ATSA II. Two new boats were in the mix: Miller
Time III, and Imagine.

WELCOME! Miller Time III and Imagine

Group C was first to cross the start line at noon followed by Group B at 1203 and Group C at 1206. Fast Sunday was first to cross the starting line while last across the line was Astra. All boats were racing by 1207. Winds were typical from the NW at about 10 knots. The first mark was crowded with boats of all sizes however, by the second mark the group was spreading out with Marilee leading followed closely by Phryxus, and Astra.Across the finish first with uncorrected times were Marilee 13:16:46, followed
by Astra 13:18:28, Phryxus 13:20:45 , Gunslinger 13:24:06, Bon Temps 13:24:25, ATSA II 13:26:30, Simplicity 13:33:20, Miller Time III 13:38:12, Pie in the Sky 13:38:30, and Fast Sunday13:43:49 . We could not find the time for Imagine. Does anyone know Imagine???? If so please let us know: captain’s name, type and length of boat, email address.

San Diego Sail and Power Squadron