San Diego Sail and Power Squadron

South Bay Family Sailing Series-February 19, 2022 Saturday (7.9 nm)

Saturday, February 19, 2022 was a prodigious day for sailing. Blue skies, light winds from the SW were predicted.  Everything was pretty much as the forecasters said.  Actual winds were varying from 8-12 knots. Few white caps on various areas of the racecourse. The tide was high at 11:30 AM and would be ebbing until 5 PM.  The tide would be taking the fleet toward the bridge during the race.

We would like to thank all who attended the Awards Ceremony at Pier 32 Marina last month. I think representatives from most of the boats that raced in 2021 were present.  Food, drink and prizes were enjoyed by all.  A gift certificate to the famous La Maze Steak House in National City was given to Jimi Laughery, dockmaster at Pier 32 Marina, for all his support over the years.  Thank you all who contributed to this effort.

Fifteen boats were circling the starting line for the noon start.  This is the largest number of boats ever assembled for the South Bay Family Sailing Series.  WOW!  Maybe we need four groups leaving the starting line at different times of our pursuit race so we do not have any collisions. The starting horn started the first group consisting of Miller Time III, BlewByU, Fast Sunday, Aragorn, Pau Hana, KISS, and Madam Wu crossed the line. Five minutes later the horn launched the second group Estate Sail, Bon Temps, and Simplicity.  Finally, at 12:10 the third and final group of Marilee, Consigliere, Elusive, Ran, and Madison 3.  Madison 3 is a first-time racer with a Hunter 42.  It appears to be outfitted with numerous sails so should be a fine sailor. We hope to see you out sailing with us often.

WELCOME Madison 3!

It was nice to see KISS, Ran, and Madam Wu out on the water as we have not seen them for a while.

Tacking to the first mark KISS, BlewByU lead the way.  Miller Time III and Fast Sunday were really moving along, and it looks like receiving trophies at the Awards Ceremony have really increased their resolve to win. Reaching to the second mark the boats started to spread out. Slowly the large boats were gaining on the smaller boats passing them one at a time.  By the 5th mark Marilee and Consigliere had moved to the front.  Bon Temps was in third place rounding the final mark and heading for home.  Elusive was about 1/8 mile behind, but on the final downwind leg to the finish line they caught up and beat Bon Temps by 2 seconds.

Crossing the finish line was Marilee 13:39:43, Consigliere 13:39:56,  Elusive 13:42:12, Bon Temps 13:42:14,  Estate Sail 13:44:23, KISS 13:46:28, Ran 13:47:30, BlewByU 13:49:20, Simplicity 13:50:00, Miller Time III 13:54:03, Madison 3 13:55:55 Aragorn 14:00:02, Fast Sunday 14:01:46, Pau Hana 14:12:52, Madam Wu 14:20:00.

Changing all these numbers into corrected time and placing them into the Collins Handicap System we find the following:

Congratulations:  First: Aragorn, Second: Simplicity, third: Madison 3, and forth: Pau Hana


Dan (Marilee) has created a spreadsheet and it is attached to this report.  Please note you will have 1. across the finish line times and places 2. PHRF handicap finish places and 3. Collins Handicap finish places.  Pier 32 Marina will continue to award prizes according to the Collins Handicap System.

However, I understand that sailors are working on giving prizes according to the PHRF Handicap system.  This is GREAT!  More prizes and more winners. What could be better.

Our next race is:  Saturday, March 19, 2022

We hope to see you all there.


San Diego Sail and Power Squadron