South Bay Family Sailing Series-April 2022

Race Results from our April 16, 2022 race.

The day was quite windy and we had a fleet of 7 boats the Saturday before Easter.

  • Kiss, Aragorn & Pau Hana started at Noon.
  • Atsa II and Simplicity started at 12:07
  • Consigliere and Marilee started at 12:14

The track took us from the start line to the A mark. Kiss was first to round followed by Atsa II. Consigliere, MArilee, Aragorn & Pau Hana all passed the A buoy within feet of each other.  Everyone raced clean around buoy 26 and down the bay to the B buoy.  There was a second white buoy within the close proximity of the B mark and it caused some confusion. with  the actual B mark.  Kiss maintained her lead from start to finish. Consigliere and Atsa II crossed the line within the thinnest of margins, Marilee was a few minutes behind them with Simplicity, Aragorn and Pau Hana closing out the race together.

After hearing some boat to boat chatter on the radio after the race, I reviewed RaceQ’s to determine if anyone had cut the route short and missed the B mark. According to Race Q’s, Consigliere, Marilee and Aragorn did not pass the B mark correctly. You all still had a great race.

Here are the results from Saturday April 16, 2022.

First Across the Line:

      1. Kiss
      2. Consigliere*
      3. Atsa II

PHRF Finish Order:

      1. Kiss
      2. Consigliere*
      3. Atsa II

Collins HC

      1. Kiss
      2. Pau Hana
      3. Simplicity
      4. Atsa II
      5. Marilee*
      6. Consigliere*
      7. Aragorn*

* Completed the course but rounded the incorrect B Buoy.

See you all soon out on the water.