San Diego Sail and Power Squadron

Results – Saturday January 20, 2024

On the morning of January 20th, I was uncomfortably sitting in the Pool House bleachers at Brigham Young University watching a collegiate Dive Meet. It was 35 degrees outside and snow everywhere but a comfortable 76 degrees inside the pool house.  I received a few calls and texts asking if I knew who from North bay was going to travel down to South bay for the race. I anticipated a few hardy sailors would show up but I never expected that nine boats were ready to start the race at noon. I only have a few comments about the race:

Aragorn: “We were completely soaked. Helly Hansen foul weather gear was worthless and MIke’s golf rain suit wasn’t any better!

Parlay: ” The visibility made it tough for us and probably worse for the other boats. Lots of mist and no land bearings. Even with the bimini up we got wet.”

Estate Sail: “Great race today! Rained the whole race.”

Consigliare: “Wet one today.With all the talk about getting the new inflatable buoys, I made a wrong assumption at”A “. Oops!”

And my favorite!

Windancer: It’s great that the races are monthly, everybody should be over their Pneumonia by February’s race.”

Attached please find the race results from yesterday.  We started keeping points for year end awards in the following categories:

  1. Fastest elapsed time
  2. PHRF
  3. The modified Collins Handicap.

At our January 11, 2024 meeting the attendees agreed to level the historic information in the Collins Handicap Program by creating a new 2024 identity for the boats. When the race results were entered into the program this morning, there was an unanticipated occurrence. The Collins System did not have any historical data to use to calculate the finish times and 1, 2, 3 finish placement of the boats. The result is that all boats were treated as new boats in the system and beat the program’s benchmark and received a first place finish against the standard benchmark. Seeing this,this is a trend that I expect to see each time a boat races for the first time in 2024 but should start working itself out after the second or third time a boat races. The February results should start to provide first, second and third place points as historic data is collected.

In the meantime, we have an ad hoc group looking into developing an alternate scoring system for the future.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Dan Dreesen

S/V Parlay

San Diego Sail and Power Squadron