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Results – Saturday February 17, 2024

Saturday February 17, 2024 was an interesting day to race boats in the South Bay.

Our day started early with an intended run to place the new Buoy purchased by the Reed’s from Estate Sail for the “C” mark.  Along the way, we picked up some hitch hikers, Doug & Bob on the Bass Boat had engine troubles so the Parlay crey towed them to the start line and then set the new Buoy.  Our course was a double triangle 34 to B to C to 34 to B to A to 34.  There were nine boats at the start line and the only one that forgot to show up was the wind.  At noon there was a slight breeze and the boats all got across the starting line. Seven boats tacked south and two two a northern route.

Sarayu, Kiss and Windancer all rounded the first mark within boat lengths of each other and sprinted to a substantial lead over the chasing boats that was not overcome. Parlay and Estate Sail coming from opposite directions were setting up their own duel. Parly tacked first. But on the second approach, Parlay had to take a second tack to make it around B and Estate Sail tacked around B. Kim Dreesen was on the Helm for her first race and nipped at the stern of Estate Sail for the rest of the race but fell 4 second short of overtaking Estate sail.

After the first triangle taking +/- 75 minutes to complete,the wind picked up and the second half of the race took approx 45 minutes to complete. The light winds at the beginning of the race hindered the second half of the fleet but all boats crossed within about 18 minutes of the first finisher.

See you all next month.

Feb 17, 2024 SBFSS Race Results Score Sheet
2024 SBFSS Cumulative Score Sheet 2-17-24


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