Boat Handling

America’s Boating Club offers quite a bit of education online! Several of you have let me know that you completed America’s Boating Course online. As soon as we can offer on the water training again, that course plus your membership are all you need to be qualified to join in!

They have also recently released the more advanced version, Boat Handling (previously known as Seamanship). For anyone working their way through our navigation courses, this course is no longer considered a pre-requisite, but you still need to pass it in order to receive a navigation annotation next to your name in the roster. It is also an important course for anyone working towards their Boat Operators Certificate. The individual seminars in the first link will give you great information about the different systems they address. If you have any questions while or after taking an online course, please feel free to let me know. If I can’t answer, I can find someone who can!
These online versions are not substitutes for our their classroom counterparts, which include hands on training and lots of personal experience and local knowledge. However, if you are new to any of these topics, the online training is a great place to start and will bring you up to speed to be able to glean the most from in person instruction when it becomes available again.
Keep safe, keep learning
Tanya Weimer