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December’s race was a very different “race”. Read about it below:

December’s race was a very different “race”.  Read about it below:

America’s Boating Club-Sail Fleet/South Bay Family Sailing Series/Ventura Sailing Club-December 21, 2019 Saturday, (4.9 nm.)

Saturday, December 21, 2019 was a fine day for sailing! (Or, maybe not such a good day for sailing as there was NO wind).  The weather people predicted wind speeds of 5 mph.  They were close to being correct as wind speeds were from 0-5 mph.  We again were the only racers in the San Diego South Bay. The water was glassy and at the start of the race there was just a slight breeze.  The pursuit race had the contestants just ghosting across the starting line.  In the eight years these races have been ongoing we never had to alter a race course due to lack of wind. Today we altered the course.

Eight boats were circling the starting line for the noon start.  We had a new boat in the race, KISS.  It is a Santana 25.  It was good to see them out on the water. 

WELCOME KISS!  We hope to see you out here every month. 

The first group, second group, third group, fourth group finally crossed the starting line.  By the time we rounded the first mark Phyrxus was in the lead.  In the light winds the light boats were in the lead and increasing their lead as the minutes passed.  Usually, as the noon starts blend into the afternoon where the winds slowly increase, however, this race day the wind slowly died and by 1300 it had absolutely stopped.  It didn’t look like it was going to return, so some boats started dropping out; Bon Temps, Atsa II, Pie in the Sky, and KISS all left the course an  received a DNF (Did Not Finish). Four boats, Astra, Phryxus, Marilee, and Elusive remained in the race.  A radio call went out to alter the planned race course and to stop the race at R 32.

Across the finish line first:  Elusive 14:15:25, Phyrxus 14:15:40, Astra 14:42:00 and Marilee 14:48:40.  Putting all this information into the Collins Handicap System including the corrected finish time FIRST: Phyrxus, SECOND: Elusive, THIRD: Astra and FOURTH: Marilee.

Congratulations ALL racers.

In January, 2020 we start a NEW YEAR of RACING.

We hope to see everyone out on January 18, 2020 for our race and our


Who will receive the trophies?




Ceremony begins at 3 PM at Pier 32 Marina.

Race in January will be short so you all can attend and pick up your trophy, or prize.

Next race: January 18, 2020 Saturday

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