San Diego Sail and Power Squadron


USPS Members are allowed to display their rank before their name, and to fly a flag denoting their rank or position. Those positions (jobs) without an official rank have a “X” in the Pos column.

There are three different Ranks for members: Current Rank, Past Rank, and Squadron Rank. Current Rank is based on the highest position currently held by a member. Past Rank is based on the highest rank ever held by a member. Squadron Rank is set for a member by their squadron Roster Update Contact.

Abbr TitlePos
 Cdr Squadron Commander
 Lt/C Squadron Lieutenant Commander
 1/Lt Squadron First Lieutenant
 F/Lt Squadron Flag Lieutenant x
 Lt Squadron Lieutenant
 P/C Squadron Past Commander
 P/Lt/C Squadron Past Lieutenant Commander
 D/C District Commander
 D/Lt/C District Lieutenant Commander
 D/1/Lt District First Lieutenant
 D/F/Lt District Flag Lieutenant x
 D/Lt District Lieutenant
 D/Chpln District Chaplain x
 Aide/DC Aide to District Commander x
 P/D/C Past District Commander
 P/D/Lt/C Past District Lieutenant Commander
 C/C National Chief Commander
 Aide/CC Aide to Chief Commander
 V/C National Vice Commander
 R/C National Rear Commander
 N/F/Lt National Flag Lieutenant
 N/Chpln National Chaplain
 Stf/C National Staff Commander
 P/C/C Past National Chief Commander
 P/V/C Past National Vice Commander
 P/R/C Past National Rear Commander
 P/N/F/Lt Past National Flag Lieutenant
 P/Stf/C Past National Staff Commander

Grade – USPS members are allowed to display their grade after their name, and to wear the appropriate insignia on a uniform.

* The underbars used in this document with AP, JN, and N to indicate “Educational Proficiency” (see below) are not official designations.  The underbars are used on uniform insignia but are not used as part of the written grade designation.

For instance, the written grade for an AP with educational proficiency is AP not AP.

 S Seaman – Completed Seamanship Course
 P Pilot – Completed Piloting Course
 AP Advanced Pilot – Completed Advanced Piloting Course
 AP* Advanced Pilot – with Educational Proficiency
 JN Junior Navigator – Completed Junior Navigation Course
 JN* Junior Navigator – with Educational Proficiency
 N Navigator – Completed Navigation Course
 N* Navigator – with Educational Proficiency
 SN Senior Navigator – Educational Achievement – Completed N and 6 Elective Courses

Certification Level – On the WebSite displays only those who have achieved a BOC certification level will have it displayed along with their grade. The grade is displayed followed by a “-” (dash) and one of the following.

 IN Inland Navigator
 CN Coastal Navigator
 ACN Advanced Coastal Navigator
 ON Ocean Navigator

Achievements – USPS members are allowed to wear Achievement Recognition award insignia on a uniform.

 Yrs Number of Years for which dues have been paid
 MM Merit Marks: One for each year of significant contribution
 Senior Year Individual received 5th Merit Mark – Senior Member
 Life Year Individual received 25th Merit Mark – Life Member
Emeritus Year Individual received 50th Merit Mark – Member Emeritus
CharterMember One of the founding members of a Squadron
 ED ProEducational Proficiency: Year Individual completed AP and 3 Elective Courses
 ED AchEducational Achievement: Year Individual completed N and 6 Elective Courses
 OTYear Individual completed Operations Training
 CIYear Individual became a Certified Instructor – Year Certification Expires
 VEYear Individual became a Vessel Examiner
 Port Captain An official USPS Port Captain (under Positions Held)


San Diego Sail and Power Squadron