June 2021 Race Results

South Bay Family Sailing Series-June 19, 2021

Saturday, (8.6 nm.)

I was not present for the race so all the information is “second hand”.

We have a new racer, “Malu” a Catalina 320.  WELCOME Malu!!  We are happy to have you.

It appears 9 boats raced and we had the normal pursuit race.  First group started at 12:00, second group 12:04, and the third group 12:08.  The finish times are as follows:  Elusive, 13:47:29, Consigliere 13:49:00, Ran 13:57:50, Malu 13:59:10, Atsa II 14:00:15, Estate Sail 14:03:05, Blewbyu 14:09:39, Miller Time III 14:18:39, Madam Wu 14:30:41.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the racers.

Putting all this information into the “Mike Collins Handicap System” we see the following:


Congratulations to First Place winner: Malu!!!!

Putting the corrected finish times into the PHRF Race Calculator we find:

  1. Elusive
  2. Consigliere
  3. Blewbyu
  4. Ran
  5. Atsa II
  6. Malu
  7. Estate Sail
  8. Miller Time III
  9. Madam Wu

Next race is Saturday July 17, 2021