July 2021 Race Results

South Bay Family Sailing Series-July 17, 2021 Saturday, (8.3 nm)

Saturday July 17, 2021 was an excellent day for sailing.  The skies were blue with a thin layer of sirrus clouds covering the heavens.  The winds were predicted to be 7-8 knots from the NW. Tide was low at 0925 becoming high at 1512 so the tide would be incoming during the whole race.  There was another race going on at the same time.  They set up their starting line about 20 yards from our starting line and their windward mark was about 10 yards from our “B”.  Needless to say there was a crowd at the starting line and when we returned to the “B” mark during the sixth leg.  Does anyone know who that group was?

There were a total of six boats participating in our South Bay Family Sailing Series.  By our noon pursuit race start the wind has increased to about 12-13 knots and stayed constant from the NW for the whole race.  Group 1 crossed the starting line at 12:00 with Blewbyu.  Group 2 consisting of Miller Time III and Bon Temps crossed the line at 1204.  Finally Group 3 crossed the line at 1208 with Estate Sail, Astra and Consigliere.  There was a great deal of confusion with the start as there were so many boats. We thought we observed KISS, and Elusive in the starting mix, but they were no where to be found along the race course.  Crossing the finish line honors go to: Consigliere 13:59:52:17, Bon Temps 13:53:51, Astra 13:59:55, Estate Sail 14:01:38, Bluebyu 14:06:41, and Miller Time III 14:12:33.

Congratulations all racers!

6 out of 6 boats ran their raceQs.  Thank you all!

Putting all the corrected finish times into the Mike Collins Handicap System we find the following:


Congratulations to Miller Time III!  It looks like you are headed to be the yearly winner.

Looking at the PHRF Handicap System it looks like: First: Consigliere, Second Bon Temps, Third: Bluebyu, Fouth: Estate Sail, Fifth: Astra, Sixth: Miller Time III.

Notes:  It looked as if Astra had 12 women on their boat.  We missed Quack Attack, Marilee, Atsa II, Fast Sunday, Ran, and all you that did not show up.

Next race is Saturday, August 21, 2021

“Be there or be square”

Bring a friend with a boat.