April2021 Race Results

South Bay Family Sailing Series-April 17, 2021

Saturday, (7.5 nm.)

Saturday, April 17, 2021 was a fantastic day for sailing.  The wind was even better than last month.  Wind prediction was for winds to be 10 knots.  By the noon start the winds had increased to 12-13-14 knots and remained that way throughout the entire race.  Again the increased winds would favor the larger boats.  It was perfect as there was probably no cause to reef.  If the winds increased the reefs would go into the sails.  High tide was scheduled to be at 14:44 so the tide would be flooding coming from the north. Dan, on Quack Attack and Marilee designed the course so there were NO direct downwind legs.  Each leg was either a beat, broad reach, or beam reach. It was going to be a fast race.

The race committee was concerned that Marilee might have a new space age jib, Bon Temps had out of town experts, Ted and Pam from Washington who had completed a Pacific Ocean Circumnavigation of 30,000 nautical miles to help them on the course and Atsa II had new interior upholstery.  The race committee might have to change their handicap.  (HaHa-we have no race committee.)

Twelve (12) boats were circling the starting line for the 12:00 start.  Five boat started with the first horn; Mike/Death Roll, KISS, Pie in the Sky, Fast Sunday and Bass Boat/Blewbyou.  At 12:05 the second group; Miller Time III and Bon Temps crossed the line.12:10 the final group crossed the line; Estate Sail, Marilee, Astra, Consigliere, and Ran.  There was much discussion on why the race committee moved Estate Sail from the second group to the third group and Bon Temps from the third group to the second group.  Was there money exchanged?

The pursuit race was away to the first mark B.  Most boats beat towards the south to make the mark.  Some tacked 1X while others tacked 2X to the mark. At the first mark Mike/Death Roll, Kiss and Bass Boat/Blewbyou were leading the pack.  By the second mark, 26R, things started to change.  Pie in the Sky made a move to the front.  This was the perfect wind for the Krogen 38. It was also a fine wind for Bon Temps and their experienced crew as everyone approached the finish line.  Across the finish line times are as follow:  Bon Temps 13:24:32,  Consigliere 13:26:44, Mike 13:27:00, Marilee 13:27:43, Pie in the Sky 13:28:06, Ran 13:29:00, Astra 13:30:28, Estate Sail 13:31:32F, KISS 13:33:00, Bass Boat 13:34:45, Miller Time III 13:36:44, Fast Sunday 13:45:10. Congratulations Bon Temps-first time ever being first across the finish line.


Placing all this information with the “corrected finish time” into the Mike Collins Handicap system we have the following:


Congratulations:  1st. Miller Time III, 2nd Pie in the Sky 3rd Astra.

Congratulations to all who sailed in the race.

Putting all this information into the PHRF Handicap System we have the following: 1 Mike, 2 Bon Temps, 3 Bass Boat, 4 Consigliere, 5 Pie in the Sky, 6 KISS, 7 Ran, 8 Estate Sail, 9 Marilee, 10 Miller Time III, 11 Astra, 12 Fast Sunday.

Our next race:

Saturday May 15, 2021

See you there.   Invite another boat to race.