Tax day!

It is Wednesday, we are halfway through another week. April Fool’s – this isn’t even tax day this year!

For today, I chose another booklet that you have seen at boat shows and now you have plenty of time to read!

The ABC’s of California Boating is the state level equivalent of yesterday’s Federal Boating Regulations. Every single state has some slightly different rules about age requirements for life jackets and for operating a vessel. Do those kids you invited onboard need to wear their life jackets at all times? It depends on how old they are. Can your grandkids play with your dinghy? It depends on how old they are.

Like the federal regulations, it is important to have a firm grasp of your local regulations when helping to educate other people about safe boating. Those of you who have had a Vessel Safety Check with me know that there are requirements to report an accident that causes injury or more than $500 in damage. You can’t get a gel coat repair specialist out to your boat for much less than $500!

Stay Safe, Keep Learning,

Tanya Weimer