Rowing Tips!


With our waterways open to paddle sports, I figured a few of you may be considering taking off your motor and rowing your dinghy around. As such, I want to address some safety issues.

This rowing website offers some tips that include: know thy own limits. If you haven’t been out rowing or you are trying to row a dinghy with questionable rowing characteristics, it is a great way to get exercise – as in it is exhausting and may sap your strength quicker than you realize. Check in with yourself and remember that even San Diego’s mild tides will feel a lot more challenging without a motor.

The Cruising Club of America (I didn’t even know there was such a thing – we may be learning more about them together over the next few weeks!) has a list of both required and recommended safety equipment. The recommended list includes situation awareness. The good news is that you don’t need to check your gasoline levels to row around!

Stay Safe,

Keep Learning,

Tanya Weimer