Paddle SAFE, Paddle SMART!

As I mentioned on Monday, last weekend was the scheduled date for our paddle safety seminar, called Paddle Smart. Well, I decided to give that phrase a try on the internet and in addition to America’s Boating Club, I came across and Australian campaign called “Paddle SAFE, Paddle SMART“. Which means, that in addition to a FREE online paddling course, you can find videos of kayaking koalas. OK, before you get too excited, they are animations, not live action videos. But the koala’s name is Billy.

Remember, the rules are a bit different in Australia – those people drive on the wrong side of the road, for goodness sake! None the less, this site has some very interesting resources, including a dutch marine bowline.
You will also find that the SAFE and SMART acronyms apply to safety on the water in any sized vessel, so check them out.

Enjoy the safe paddling tips from our friends down under!

Tanya Weimer