Other seas

OK, so you have decided on the best way for you to enjoy the waters close to home, but what about when you have an urge to see what is to be found in other seas?

Chartering comes in all shapes and sizes, just like other boats. From a narrow boat in England to sharing a catamaran with your friends in Monaco, you are going to find a wide range of options and pretty much anyone who can afford to vacation in those locations in the first place can find a charter of some kind to suit their budget.

Do you want a bareboat charter or a crewed charter. For bareboat, do you meet local requirements (this is where America’s Boating Club BoC certification may come in handy!)? Even bareboat charters come with different levels of help, as some companies will do your grocery shopping for you before you take possession.

Do you want to charter from a Mom and Pop shop to support the local economy or from a well known brand that you feel you can trust?

How many friends are you going to bring along? Boats for charter often have lots of cabins so that groups can pool resources to offset the costs. Do you get along with your friends well enough to take advantage of this or were you looking for a private getaway for your anniversary?

If you think you will enjoy the experience, you will likely find that the pricing for a charter maybe similar, or even less, than the all inclusive resort that your cousin recommended. And if it is a crewed charter, you will still be waited on hand and foot ūüôā

Keep safe, keep learning
Tanya Weimer