May Day ..

It’s May Day, not confused with the one that was originally spell M’aidez!

Many of you will have noticed that limited boating is now being allowed in San Diego. The marinas and yacht clubs have had to pledge to abide by social distancing rules, so make sure you are aware of the rules before you go. Your household, only. Wear masks on the docks, since they rarely allow for more than 6 feet passing. Don’t congregate on shore or on the docks. No rafting up on the water. Safety first includes public health, as well as our own safety.

It is Friday, so to wrap up our paddling safety week, I want to remind everyone that you can get a vessel safety check for for your paddle craft and dinghy, as well as for your bigger boats and PWCs. Or, at least, you will be able to do so once the program is up and running again. The checklist is obviously different than the regular, but you can take a look a the special paddle craft VSC form here.

While searching for the check list, I also came across this form, which includes a lot of safety information mean to be shared while going through such a checklist. This is a great resource for vessel examiners, as well as anyone who is interested in paddling themselves.

Stay safe, keep learning, Tanya Weimer, SEO