Yeah, it doesn’t make much difference here, either, except that Jay doesn’t work weekends, so we get to spend some time together and go for longer bike rides.

Many of you may have already realized that grocery stores are asking you not to bring your reusable bags into the store and now the state has officially put a moratorium on the reuseable bag rules. That does not mean that we need to use more bags though. One solution is to have them return your groceries to the cart and then you can bag your own groceries as you move them from the cart to the car. This is what I usually end up doing normally because I rarely get the bags from the car to the store.

Small, regular actions like this and avoiding plastic straws and using metal water bottles don’t make much of a difference in our daily lives, but over time and by joining together, they can make a difference in the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans.

For more ideas on protecting our seas from the inundation of plastics, take a look at this guide produced by NOAA!

FYI, I made a mistake yesterday: the COLREGS demarcation line that separates inland rules from navigation rules actually stretches from Point Loma to the outermost light on Zuniga Jetty. Interestingly, it then stretches inland along Zuniga Jetty, so that you are in international waters when you are in the Roads, as well. For MARPOL purposes, you will still measure your distance from land. As such, you might be interested in knowing that the SD buoy is  2.5nm from Point Loma, which is the nearest land to that buoy, so you are getting close once you pass that marker.
I’ll be back on Monday!

Keep Safe, Keep Learning,
Tanya WeimerSEO