Is your beach open?

It’s Monday and your local beach may be open. Be sure to check before you go, and if it is crowded, find another way to get your exercise.

The opening of the beaches also means the opening of our area waters to paddle craft. Which is a bit ironic, as last Saturday would have been our Paddle Smart Seminar. Since I wasn’t able to offer that event, I thought I would focus on various paddle craft for this week.

Stand Up Paddle boards are very popular, even if most people sit on them, while other people do shoulder stands on them (I have seen, it but I only found basic yoga videos for SUP). I think a lot of people like that nice, flat surface echoing the calm waters necessary to use them safely. However, precisely due to that openness, a lot of people forget that they are on a vessel on the water and it is important to follow basic safety procedures. Wear a life jacket: the fact that you are a good swimmer isn’t going to do you much good if you injure yourself as you fall off.

Check out these recommendations from YOLO, one of the early makers of SUPs.

Keep safe, keep learning,

Tanya Weimer