Happy 50th Earth Day!

Let me start with a memory. I love to travel in Latin America the week after the week after Easter. Spring Break tends to have exhausted itself and the the locals have all taken their vacations either during Holy Week or the week after Easter. I can have an entire beach to myself at this time of year, the museums are never crowded, etc.  20 some years ago, I was living in Mexico and took a trip to San Blas, Nayarit. If you haven’t heard of cruisers visiting here, it is a small beach town on the Sea of Cortez that was once considered a major port. Imagine my surprise, when the town plaza was inundated with the local school children, many of them riding their decorated bikes! It turns out that Earth Day was celebrated joyously by the local school!

This year, NASA wants to help you celebrate with a variety of information and activities.
You can also check out the origins of Earth Day and a smorgasbord of 50th anniversary activities, on EARTHDAY.ORG.
I know a lot of people are getting antsy, but San Diego had a bad day yesterday. Hopefully this is just a blip and we will be able to proceed with the reopening process. But for now, stay safe, and remember that staying home is as much about protecting your community as yourself.

Tanya Weimer