Good morning, fellow mariners!

For the second day in a row, I am sending you back to the basics with your ABCs. Today, that stands for America’s Boating Course. This is the America’s Boating Club/ Power Squadron NASBLA (National Association of State Boating Law Administrators) approved basic boating safety course. When you sign up with your California address, it will also include a section on local boating regulations. With this add on, you will be able to use your course certificate to apply for your California Boat Operators Card. I will be sending you more information on that tomorrow.

 One nice feature of the online class is that you can review the material. I would also suggest you share certain segments with anyone else in the house who might come to the boat, such as children and grandchildren.

Just like the classroom version, the online course makes you eligible for our On The Water Boat Handling weekend, like the one offered in March.

You should re take (or teach!) a course like this every few years. For one thing, regulations, and even best practices, change over time. We don’t treat for hypothermia the same way now as we did just a few years ago. There are always safety issues that don’t come up often, but that you should be prepared for anyway. It is especially important to review safety information at this time, when for most of us, we will be going longer than usual without going out on the water.

 Stay safe, keep learning,
Tanya Weimer