Freshwater system overview

Here is the freshwater system overview, from our old friend Don Casey. I will also take this opportunity to make a shameless plug on plumbing products. On Sea Story, we have experimented with many different brands of plumbing supplies. The easiest style to work with underway are the modern pop on (aka quick connect) fittings that work with PEX piping. PEX itself nice due to the blue/red color coding that keeps everything running to the right place. With the pop on fittings, all you need is a PEX cutter and large variety of fittings. Some of the pop on fitting also require a special tool to release the pressure and pop them back off again. We have found that the brand that most consistently works is also the brand that offers the widest variety of fittings: SeaTech. The variety of fittings has allowed us to seamlessly tie in the new plumbing with the old gray stuff that gets a little more fragile each year. Unfortunately, few local stores carry this brand, so we source it online from If you have a plumbing emergency, Whale plumbing fittings are available in the local stores, but we were not able to consistently seat the fittings properly. Whatever you choose, keep some variety onboard, including plugs so that you can replace or bypass whatever happens to pop a leak. And keep both colors  of PEX onboard so that you aren’t cursing at yourself next year when trying to figure out why that blue tubing is hot. Keep safe, keep learning Tanya Weimer SEO