Drake Roberts on the Paragon

Drake on the Paragon

Today’s vlog is from Drake Roberts, on the Paragon. Jay and I originally came across Drake and his Westail 42 several years ago when he was in the news for a thankless rescue of some clueless sailors on his way to the Bahamas. I can’t find that older content anymore, but he has been cruising full time for the past few years. The channel starts with completing his refit in North Carolina and the challenges of the Intercoastal Waterway. These are very different challenges to what we face here on the West Coast, but they make for interesting story telling.

In addition to the vlog documenting his journeys in the North Atlantic, Drake’s youtube channel includes interviews from various characters he has met along the way. These give an insight into the different cultures and professions that one can come across in their travels, even to places we don’t always think of as exotic.

Keep safe, keep learning, Tanya Weimer SEO