Cost of Boat Ownership

How much does it cost to own a boat?

How much does it cost to go cruising?

How long is a piece of string?

Boating costs are hard to quantify, but very important to consider when making boating decisions. In normal times, your best financial bet is to have friends with boats, but that may also be a good way to stay onshore in our current environment.

For many casual users, renting a boat or joining a boat club is going to be the best option available. The buy in fees for a boat club are usually significantly less than a boat itself and the ongoing fees are often comparable to slip fees, but you aren’t responsible for the maintenance and you can choose a different boat depending on whether your want to go out fishing or take the family out to splash around.

Renters and club members never spend their weekends fixing their boats instead of using them. While that is a financial plus, not everyone considers it an overall benefit: some folks just like tinkering! In the same vein, you may not have the ability to take along trip to Catalina in a shared or borrowed boat, depending on which service you actually use.

Rental places in San Diego, such as Seaforth have put procedures into place to protect their staff and clients. As such, be sure to call any place you might be considering before you go, as most do not allow walk ins at this time. Clubs, such as Convair Sailing, Harbor Island Yacht Club and Freedom Boat Club also have extensive training available for members.

This Discover Boating article has a good analyses of the pros and cons of clubs and compares them to both renting and ownership.

Stay Safe, Keep Learning,
Tanya Weimer