Chart 1210


Perhaps you aren’t looking for education per se. You already have a solid grounding. You own all of the navigation tools, or can figure out how to get them. You own Chart 1210 and don’t even remember why, but there must have been a reason, so you roll it back up and put it back in the tube to rediscover again the next time you try to have a clear out. Maybe you are even tired of online anything and are planning to turn the computer off as soon as you finish this email.

Be sure to write down two things, first:

-888-449-7011 (Seabreeze Nautical Bookstore)
-Navigation Workbook 1210TR by David Burch and Larry Brandt
You can also order the book as an ebook. It contains lots and lots of navigation exercises using training chart 1210, so you can practice to your heart’s desire.

Stay Safe, keep learning
Tanya Weimer