Boat Plumbing

Evidently, I have been googling too much boat plumbing this week, because this showed up in my feed, even though I had just planned on writing something out:
Beyond pressurized pumps, if you plan to cruise, you may want to consider manual/foot pumps. If placed within the freshwater system, these pumps can help you conserve water, since you only pump exactly what you need. However, some boats also use these manual pumps to bring in salt water. This will extend your water supply by allowing you to use salt water for cleaning, and freshwater only for rinsing and cooking. And teeth brushing. Don’t brush your teeth with salt water.

Have a safe holiday. I may not be back until Tuesday, as Jay’s employer has added in a 35th anniversary holiday to make a four day weekend. 

Keep safe, keep learning
Tanya Weimer