Blogs & Vlogs ..

We are going to switch gears this week and look at entertainment that may or may not be educational, rather than education that may or may not be entertaining. We are going to take a look at blogs and vlogs from all over.

For the first blog to introduce you to, well, I am also going to introduce you to Jay and I! That’s right, we have a blog, chronicling our adventures with Sea Story, our 1987 Pearson 39-2. You will find that many of those adventures involve epoxy and our tool box. We haven’t been as active on the blog as we were when we were living aboard, so you may notice a few very large gaps. There is still quite enough material there to keep you entertained for as long as you can stand my writing. We are currently working on a pair of postings explaining why we no longer live aboard and what we are doing to keep active since becoming landlubbers, including Jay’s first post. If you are curious about that, you may want to check back in next week.

Stay safe, keep learning, Tanya Weimer, SEO