Between two Yeti’s

For today’s You Tube channel, we are turning to Between Two Yeti’s. This channel started off with a unique format to look at the marine industry. They interview folks while sitting on Yeti coolers. So like a mid afternoon late night show with a theme. I specifically linked to their oldest videos, because they seem to have  become obsessed with Yetis: their latest videos are exploring Kilimanjaro.

This is also the only channel I could find that consistently looked at power boating. Or, as one reviewer of blogs and vlogs said “What is it with sailboaters?” We will have more on that subject next week, but I think it has at least something to do with the pace of the journey. That doesn’t really make sense when you consider that trawlers move at about the same speed as most sailboats in a decent wind, but I know even trawler owners who find sailing boring. Someone else will have to explain that, I have nothing.

Stay safe, keep learningTanya WeimerSEO