America’s Great Loop

Happy Friday! If you are going out this weekend, please observe distancing protocols and have a mask at hand for close encounters of the six feet or less kind. It is especially important that we observe these regulations at parks and marinas so that we can all stay healthy and continue to have access. Remember, the folks maintaining these spaces have masks on to protect you and I, let’s have the same courtesy for them.

For the final day of blog and vlog week, I found some options of power boaters documenting their trip on the Great Loop. As I mentioned yesterday, most powerboaters do a very different format than sailors. Often, each update is just a compilation of the videos and pictures they take on each leg, without much narrative letting you know what happened, what they did on shore, or what they had to fix. I did finally find a few alternatives. For those who aren’t familiar with the Great Loop, let’s start with an introduction to Loopers.

Then, we have the story of the Wilsons. Due to some health issues, they moved their retirement plan up and had an excellent family adventure on the eastern waterways of the US that allowed them to bond as a family and celebrate life.

It’s looking like next week will be all about sailboats again. That is, unless anyone can point me to a feature length documentary regarding powerboats. Four minutes seems to be the record for CUBAR. Perhaps we have identified a niche: when we can get together again, we need to be working on a Predicted Log documentary.

Keep safe, keep learning, have a great weekend, Tanya Weimer, SEO