Cost of Cruising

Maybe you aren’t so much interested in yesterday’s chartering option as taking your own boat to every coastline (or, at least, a select few).

Like everything else we have discussed so far, cruising costs depend on your choices, from the boat to maintenance to how you want to eat when visiting far flung coastlines.

The Boat Galley did this nice write up a few years ago, so I will let you enjoy their writing. Cruising budgets to fit every lifestyle can be found both in popular blogs and vlogs and in occasional write ups in the various magazines that cover the cruising lifestyle. For the blogs and vlogs, you will find that what you are reading is often actually providing the cash for their lifestyle. If they aren’t making money off of the ads you see, they may well have a link for you to donate to your favorites.

I am pretty sure that this group of young adults found the cheapest way to do it, but that lifestyle just isn’t for everyone. Many of us would choose to spend money to do it differently. Whatever you do, don’t be like the couple that sold everything they owned to buy a $5000 boat and go cruising, only to ground and sink their boat in one of their first ports of call. Turns out, everything they owned only paid for the boat, not any of the other aspects of cruising.

Keep Safe, Keep Learning

Tanya WeimerSEO