National Safe Boating Week – WEATHER.

It is Wednesday of National Safe Boating Week and the designated topic of the day is WEATHER.

While NOAA focuses on hurricane preparedness (not really an issue here in San Diego) and other part of the country are concerned about flood awareness (wrong time of year here in San Diego – but if you do see a flood – turn around, don’t drown!),  I thought we could all use a reminder about sun protection. It is, after all sunny San Diego. We need to remember that the sun can get to us through the marine layer, and we need to remember that the sun reflects off the water, so that a hat is not sufficient to protect your face in most conditions.

You will see that just about any boating picture of Jay and I includes long sleeve shirts and hats, but if you close up, you can probably detect some of that white stuff stuck to the edges of Jay’s beard, as well 🙂

Stay safe, keep learning
Tanya Weimer