Environmental Factors

It is still National Safe Boating Week and today’s designated topic is “Environmental Factors.”

I am pleased to report that the weather report for the San Diego area is about as close to perfect as you could custom order. The sailors might think the winds rather on the light side, but they are at least there!

And so, the main environmental factor that we need to consider this weekend is the one that is dominating our lives in 2020: pubic health.

The Safe Boating Council has put together some suggestions for social distancing.

In San Diego, the Port Authority is allowing anchoring with a permit, but not raft ups, in an effort to encourage safe distancing while allowing safe boating.

We still need to be considerate at the marinas and facilities. Unless you are willing to jump in the water when you come across other people, you should have a mask at the ready when you are on the docks: they are likely to be the most crowded they have been since this all started. Be patient at the fuel and pump out docks. Go ahead and order from your favorite restaurant to support them and get their yummy offerings; keep the staff safe by being mindful of safety protocols. Wash your hands a few extra times. Be kind, be aware. If your schedule allows for it, you might even wait a few days and celebrate the holidays mid week. Or get out there today: there are gusts predicted that would make sailing more interesting than usual!

Keep safe, keep learning
Tanya Weimer