Assist sailing organizations

Having spent the week discussing ways to spend our money, I thought we would wrap up with ways to donate. Many organizations have had to forego fundraising events this year and in order to survive will need our help.
Most of the local yacht clubs have been able to offer their summer camps, but with many modifications. In many cases, these adaptations incur increased costs. Check with your favorites to see if they have additional needs this year.
The Maiden Factor Foundation both promotes women in sailing and various charities around the world to improve lives through clean water, education and other initiatives.
Sailing Project Endeavor teaches responsibility and leadership to youth via boating and marine biology.
Challenged Sailors San Diego provides adapted boats and sail training for people with disabilities.
You can donate money or time to Wounded Warriors, who often get our returning heroes onto boats as part of their recovery.
RBOC (Recreational Boaters of California) advocates for legislation that favors boaters in the state of California.

Donate your boat: If you are done with it, consider donating your boat. The Boy Scouts have a robust program for accepting boats. There is also Boat Angel, which works with other charities to collect the money from donated boats and put it to good use.

Keep Safe, Keep Learning,
Tanya Weimer