South Bay Family Sailing Series – October 16, 2021 – Sailing Instructions

South Bay Family Sailing Series
(Relaxing/No stress/Sail Racing)

When:   October 16, 2021
Where:  San Diego South Bay
Time:   12:00pm Local GPS Time Race

Start race Q’s 11:45
First Warning 11:55-One second blast of the air horn coordinated with GPS time.
Group A. –Start 12:00, Group B.-Start 12:05, Group C.-Start 12:10. One second blast of the air horn.

It will be a “Pursuit Race

Group A: Blew-By-U, Kiss, Makai, Fast Sunday, Tom Kat, Mike, Pie in the Sky, Miller Time III
Group B: Simplicity, Atsa II, Sanctuary, Bon Temps, Estate Sail, Serendipity III
Group C:  Tiny Bubbles, Elusive, Ran, Astra, Consigliere, Marilee.

If you are not listed above, or are a first-time racer please start at 12 O’clock

 Racecourse #22 Course Distance approx. 8.1 Nm

Buoy “R34” to port / Buoy “WR-32A” to starboard (starting line)
Buoy “C” to Port
Buoy “R38” to Port
Buoy “B to Starboard
Buoy “R32” to Port
Buoy “A” to Starboard
Buoy “R30” to Starboard
Buoy “B” to Port
Buoy “R34” to starboard / Buoy “WR-32A to port (finish line)

Please Monitor VHF Channel 68 for information, to report problems on the course. Report finish times to Dan Dreesen, SV Marilee via text or Email – or  619 884-6157 before end of day Sunday 9-22-21. Bon temps will not be participating in October.

Yellow “Q” flag should be flown aft, where it can be best seen while racing.

These are the GPS coordinates of the Alpha, Bravo and Charlie course Buoys (4-11-21)

“A” (N32 40.003 / W117 08.909) 24inch XL Yellow fender marked “A” in Black Letters.
“B” (N32 39.177 / W117 08.575) 30inch White Ball marked with Letter “B” in Black Letters
“C” (N32 38.542 / W117 08.195) 22inch Ball marked with the Letter “C” in black letters

 Reference Navigation Charts for Location of the channel marks used for this race.